What Older Women Know About Great Sex

Old science teaches that men prefer young women because they use genetic programs to spread sperm to as many women of childbearing age as possible to ensure their legacy. In modern times, although men still want to release their sperm as much as possible, they are not necessarily looking for women to have children. What they hope for is a lot of sexual contact. More and more men find that older women's understanding of sex can incite the world of young women.

The first benefit of having an elderly woman as an accidental partner is that she knows what she is doing. She no longer fumbles in the dark to figure out how to use all the equipment, whether it's yours or hers. She knows what to do and how to handle it. She understands sex because she spent decades mastering her craft.

Many men understand that an older woman may have seen it all, or is very close to it. She understands that sometimes a man needs to be erected for a while. She also understands that sometimes he just can't wait for her to know the sexual skills that can maintain sexual pleasure and motivation. And delay his orgasm to get the best interests of both sides.

Older women also have sexual self-confidence. Especially when they improve their life experiences through their careers, hobbies, volunteer work or family. They feel comfortable with their skin, which allows them to understand sex and enjoy what they have learned. A young model may have a tighter package, but an older lady knows how to unlock the bow.

It is no accident that men like the fantasy of Mrs. Robinson or the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. These are not your mother's mother. These are women of style, class and sexuality. These women usually take better care of themselves than younger women.

They want their body and sexual feelings to be good. And, if necessary, they will be responsible for showing you the reason for opening them in the bedroom. Lucky guys who collude with older women don't need to make a lot of guesswork. And he will be worshipped in a way that enhances his self, his sexual desire and his own sexual gratification. He has the opportunity to enjoy and learn in a way that may take years to get along with young women.

Confidence is always very attractive. When a woman is full of confidence in sex and her own sexual behavior, she rarely feels guilty about male partners. Although some women have this situation when they were young, most men will agree that older women can become a whole sex and enthusiastic package.